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What is #sketchsketchsketchsketch

Artists Henrik Uldalen and Daniel Martin in conversation about creative processes, artist blocks and procrastination decided to start the day from now on with a daily sketch. This is how #sketchsketchsketchsketch was born, an online movement of artists making a sketch every day to start their creative process.


”In conversations with Daniel Martin about the creative process, artist blocks and procrastination, I mentioned that I used to start every day with a quick sketch with oil paint. A tiny quick sketch without any thought or hesitation, I would let the brush run across the surface freely. These sketches would serve many functions for me. First of all I would be painting, and as dumb as it sounds that is a massive obstacle for me in the mornings. I rarely feel like painting, so for me to get my brushes wet in the first few hours of arriving to the studio would be a rarity. Once I’m sat down painting i have almost no problem continuing painting on other bigger projects. Second of all, everything you paint is training. Even if it’s the most insignificant of sketches, your eye and hand gets slightly better for every painting you do. Third, I would constantly stumble upon new ideas I hadn’t thought of prior to the sketch. I’m gonna turn back to this and do one sketch every day. If you don’t see me or Daniel post one, you let us know in the harshest manner possible (weekdays only). Show me your own daily sketch by using the hashtag #sketchsketchsketchsketch “

Henrik Uldalen


The fist offline #sketchsketchsketchsketch

On the 17th of July we hosted the first offline #sketchsketchsketchsketch session. It was an Interdisciplinairy life drawing evening session where art, music and dance will interacted with each other to stimulate cross-overs in these genres in an open setting where visitors were welcomed tot join in. A lot of artists came from all over Europe like Henrik Uldalen, Alpay Efe, Sidney Waerts, Silas, Roos van der Vliet, Jonat Deelstra, Pepijn Bake, Viktoryia, Jennifer Smith, Caroline Westerhout, Jeremie-Marie, Tim Juffermans and many others.